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We believe that transparency will win your (potential) customer’s trust, simultaneously unlocking your growth potential.

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Why use reviews?

Harm Ligtenberg
Harm Ligtenberg

Founder & Online Review Expert

Grow your potential using online reviews

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Harness the power of
independent reviews

TravelScore was designed to be smart & quick. Smart, because we believe that marketing, acquisition & online findability is very important nowadays. Quick, because many organisations do not have extra time to manage reviews manually. Here’s how that works:

  1. Invite: simply invite a client by email after they’ve completed the service you provide.
  2. Manage: in your dashboard, you can manage all the reviews and respond to them.
  3. Connect: through our software, link the reviews to your website and Google for better online visibility.
  4. Online word-of-mouth: online, two things are important; information and verification. Reviews provide verification and therefore increase the chances of more sales.

We know how important it is to make our customers feel valued & appreciated. After all, we all work in the hospitality industry.

That is why we believe in personal guidance and contact. All new will be completely guided by our review specialists. Together we strive to collect and share as many reliable reviews as possible.

Grow your traffic

Improved online findability ensures growth in the number of website visitors. New clients will find organisations who showcase reviews more likely in Google.


Increase your leads

Independent reviews create transparency and gains trust of your potential clients. They are more likely to request proposals to those who share reviews.

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Harm Ligtenberg

Harm Ligtenberg

Founder & Online Review Expert
+31 6 480 63 557
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